Actually, You Shouldn’t Feed Bread to Geese

Erin Janus
| When most people think of feeding wild birds, like geese, the first thing they think of is bread.  It is an exciting and fulfilling tradition— especially for children, to give hungry birds like geese a treat.  However, bread is one of the most harmful ‘treats’ to the health of wild birds. 

Bread, chips, popcorn, crackers and other processed foods are not only foreign to the digestive systems of geese, ducks and other wild birds, but are potentially harmful to their overall health.

canada goose

Instead, feed geese the following: 

•  Bird seed
•  Pumpkin seeds

•  Leafy greens
•  Barley
•  Oats

(Organic if possible– GMOs and pesticides are also foreign to the digestive systems of wild birds!)  It is also a popular notion that when food goes moldy, it makes a good snack for the geese.  No way!  Never feed geese anything that is moldy.  Unlike our pets, geese and ducks don’t get vet care if their digestive tracts become damaged or inflamed.  Share this article to help educate your family and friends.

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