New Footage Exposes What Is Going On Inside USDA-Approved Slaughterhouses

Erin Janus|  Recent undercover footage taken from the inside of a ‘Quality Pork Processors’ (QPP) plant in Minnesota has been released to the public.  The plant currently slaughters 19,000 pigs per day, (over 1000 pigs per hour), and according to the company’s site, is currently one of the many exclusive … Continue reading

If You Eat Bacon, You May Be Funding This

Erin Janus| A groundbreaking Mercy For Animals Canada undercover investigation provides a look into blatant animal abuse at one of the nation’s largest pork producers: Puratone— in Arborg, Manitoba. At this pork supplier for some of Canada’s largest grocery chains, including Sobeys, Superstore/ Loblaws, Metro, and Walmart, pregnant pigs and their … Continue reading