Musician Performs Catchy Song About New World Order; Chemtrails; and Vaccines

A conscious musician, known as DazNez, performs a catchy, humerous song about The New World Order, mentioning chemtrails and vaccines, at Anon Demo at BBC in Salford Quays, on November 16th, 2013. Over a 100 demonstrators under the banner of Anonymous protested at the BBC to rebuke them over their lack … Continue reading

16 Children And Their Bedrooms From Across The World, An Eye Opener

Most children of the world grow up in poverty, lacking food and sanitation, while others are born in countries where basic necessities are taken for granted. Photographer James Mollison came up with the project when thinking of his own childhood bedroom and how it reflected who he was. Where Children Sleep – … Continue reading

Video: Fluoride Being Dumped Into Water Supply

Article by Erin Janus| The video below was taken by a water treatment plant employee who wanted to share how, in his community, ‘fluoride’ is added to the public’s water supply: used to drink, bathe, cook and clean produce with. He explained in an interview that he is required to … Continue reading

How To Naturally De-Worm and De-Flea Your Cat or Dog

Most people turn to chemicals to de-worm or rid their furry friends of fleas.  However, the parasite-killing chemicals, lotions and potions (usually obtained at the pet store or vet clinic), are often toxic to the pets themselves, can disrupt natural gut flora among other things, and should be avoided. Killing … Continue reading

If You Haven’t Heard This Speech By Alan Watts Yet, You Need To

An incredibly powerful and important lecture given by Alan Watts: a British philosopher, writer, and speaker. Watts wrote over 25 books and numerous articles on personal identity, the true nature of reality, higher consciousness, and the meaning of life.  In this speech Alan explores the deep sleep humanity is in, death, ‘God’, and … Continue reading

How To Determine If You Have Energy Vampires In Your Life

“YOU’RE SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME!!” Article by Erin Janus|  Is there someone in your life that seems to just suck the energy right out of you?  Chances are you have at least one energy vampire in your life.  Most people do.  If you don’t, you’ve probably made a conscious effort … Continue reading