Kendall Jones Debunked Once And For All: The Truth About Hunting

Article by Erin Janus|  Kendall Jones, a young hunter and cheerleader from Texas Tech University has sparked outrage on social media, mainly facebook, posing beside some of Africa’s most endangered animals that she hunted and killed, including the white rhino, lion, elephant, leopard, and hippopotamus. She’s also killed monkeys, cape buffalo, mountain reedbucks, ducks, bobcats, antelope, crocodile, hogs, lynx, zebra, and more.

Kendall’s argument for killing wild, endangered animals, is that she claims to support species conservation, and that by hunting and killing them— she actually helps to conserve them.  However, conservation by definition is the act of preserving, guarding, or protecting.

And from her online presence including the dozens of photos she has posted of herself posing beside big game animals she’s killed, she displays being more of a trophy hunter rather than a conservationist.  What’s even more disappointing is when she’s confronted by animal conservationists, activists and concerned critics regarding the killing of endangered animals, her responses range from uncited assumptions about hunting being part of the solution down to irrelevant, passive backlashes including: “They hate us cause they ain’t us” and, “Cry me a river. I hunt. It’s legal. Get over it.”

Among Kendall’s critics is Nicole Paquette, vice president for wildlife protection of The Humane Society, who sent The Dallas Morning News the following statement about Jones, in full disapproval of her actions:

“Travelling halfway around the world to shoot some of the world’s most magnificent, and threatened animals is shameful.  Many of the species that Ms. Jones has killed face declining populations due to loss of habitat and poaching. Amidst the crisis, trophy hunting only adds to the threats of survival of these iconic species and is nothing more than a thrill kill.


Rather than post for social media with these rare species, lying lifeless, Ms. Jones should support true conservation efforts to combat poaching and protect both animals and communities.”

Even Jordan W. Turner, the president and co-founder of the Global Conservation Group disputes many of Kendall Jones defenses for hunting in an original article.


The Root of The Problem: The Leading Cause of Species Extinction

What is more disturbing than Kendall’s photo collection of the animals she’s killed, is the fact that hunting itself is NOT a sustainable or effective form of conservation for wild animals, nor does it at all get to the root of the issue; the leading causes of species endangerment and extinction.

Desolated wildlife habitat for free-range animal agriculture operation

So what is the leading cause of species endangerment and extinction?  Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction.[1]

This includes the Amazon rainforest, home to thousands of native species.  According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the leading causes of rainforest destruction are livestock and growing crops to feed livestock.[2]

In fact, up to 91% of Amazon rainforest destruction is directly due to animal agriculture, raising and using animals for meat and dairy.[3]  Not to mention, the fecal matter of cows, pigs and chickens raised for consumption have already contaminated over 35,000 miles of rivers in 22 states so far— which of course, causes massive devastation to wildlife.


Kendall’s Silence & Compliance With The Largest Threats To Species 

De-forestation due to animal agriculture

Although many of these prevalent issues have been voiced to self-proclaimed species conservationist Kendall Jones,  she has shown no concern with the leading cause of species endangerment and extinction.  This is most startling and disappointing me due to the fact that each of us has the power to raise awareness and have a direct effect on these threats to species with simple dietary and lifestyle changes.  Furthermore, Kendall openly posts photos and videos that show her compliance and support with products that come directly from animal agriculture: the most destructive force to wildlife today.

For those of you that want the full scoop on what Kendall Jones is doing, and the real effects of hunting endangered species, the following 17-minute beast of a video consists of the product of many long hours of research, along with the conclusion that I am disappointed to announce.  Do I believe Kendall Jones is truly concerned with species conservation?  The answer is no.  At the expense of many endangered animals, it seems that her motives range from self-promotion to the thrill of the kill.


Kendall Debunked Once And For All: The Truth About Hunting 

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[2] “Livestock impacts on the environment.” Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (fao). 2006. 

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