How To Love Yourself

love yourself love1Written by Erin Janus|  If you’re tired of hearing quotes about self-love, like you can’t truly love anybody… until you love yourself… you’re not alone.  But if you have self confidence issues, self hate, self loathing or issues with loving yourself, there are a few things that you need to hear that you probably don’t want to.

Loving yourself is just as important as eating healthy or making a living.

In fact, you can eat the healthiest food on the planet, and have millions of dollars, but if you do not truly have love and appreciation for yourself: your body, your mind, your personal qualities and even your blessings… you are missing out on experiencing your full creative, physical and emotional potential.  And thus denying the world of your best self.

Whatever negative things you may have done in the past, which no longer exists— you have something amazing to offer the world.  Which can come to fruition best only when you have self love.  You may not even know what that is yet.  You might have an idea of things you enjoy doing; what you’d like to create for your community, or the world, or your business, or a product, or art… you may not even know, but you’re not going to really know, and you’re not going to know the best thing you can offer until you love yourself.

The human body and mind is highly receptive to the messages and feelings put out by the thinker.  How we feel about ourselves impacts how we function.

pic-2When you feel or think, “I’m ugly; I’m stupid; I’m no good; I’m fat,” your body and mind responds to that.  Consciously and subconsciously, impairing and impacting delicate functions of the body and thought processes— even the immune system, and restricts flow of creativity, holistic thought, expression and joy.

And here’s another thing that you may not want to hear, that I didn’t want to hear a couple months ago:

People who are truly joyful are the ones that bring the most to the world.

If you’re currently in a state of sadness, or depression or self-loathing, don’t beat yourself up over it and be sad or upset or regretful that you’re not bringing what you can to the world.  Just be in the moment, and be happy that you have the opportunity to learn how to improve yourself every day.

But sometimes having someone tell you to stay positive, or reading a study about how the power of positive thinking really does change peoples lives is not enough.  Sometimes you need somebody to tell you to do it…

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