How To Determine If You Have Energy Vampires In Your Life


Article by Erin Janus|  Is there someone in your life that seems to just suck the energy right out of you?  Chances are you have at least one energy vampire in your life.  Most people do.  If you don’t, you’ve probably made a conscious effort to move on from toxic and pesky people in your life. The term ‘energy vampire’ has become popular and seems to get tossed around most frequently in the spiritual community.  It is often overlooked as a silly ‘New Age’ term.  However, I think the term energy vampire and New Age-ism are totally irrelevant.  The term is often spot-on:

Energy is defined as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

And, vampire, in this case, simply refers to a person who drains mental or physical energy from another.  Take a moment to reflect on this.  If someone (or several people) have come to mind at this point, it’s probably time to review your relationship/connection with them, one person at a time.

First, consider the following:

1) Is the relationship/connection serving you? How, in what ways?

2) Is the relationship conducive to your growth and vitality– or is it draining you?

3) Do you often find yourself emotionally depleted (stressed/tired/angry/hurt/exhausted) after dealing with or being around this person?

I can’t tell you whether your boyfriend, sister, friend, mother, father, teacher, co-worker, neighbour, classmate or facebook contact is an energy vampire to you or not.  Only you can decide that based on your own analysis.  But if you do feel that your energy is often drained from the correspondence or presence of one particular individual, depending on just how toxic they are to your well-being,  it’s probably time to have a talk with them, or in more serious cases— cut them out of your life completely.

Now, I don’t really recommend notifying them that they are a life-force-sucking energy leech.  Not a good idea.  That would most likely turn into another draining situation, despite how frustrated or fed up you may be.  What you can do to shed clarity on the situation, is analyze a few things first, and then make a decision on how to work towards a solution.

Ask yourself…

(You may want to use a pen and paper and let the answers to these questions surface)

1) How much does this person mean to you? If they mean a lot to you, why?

2) What is their purpose or role in your life?

3) What is your purpose or role in their life?

4) Is this relationship/connection one that you want to save?

5) Do you believe this relationship/connection is worth saving? If so, what do you think you can do to resolve or change the dynamic (and thus, energy exchange) between the two of you?

Oh, and before I go any further, it’s important to ask yourself if you may be an energy vampire to them or to others in your life! (Something to think about!)

What makes an energy vampire in a connection or relationship between 2 people can range from that person simply being needy, insecure, obsessive or controlling… to harboring resentment, misunderstandings, or unresolved issues between the two of you.  (Many people even believe past life karma is a cause!)

Whatever it is, only you can decide what is best for you.  But one thing is for sure: nobody can function at their best, or reach their highest potential when they are continuously having the life, joy, freedom or energy sucked out of them by another person.

Surround yourself with people who lift you higher, inspire you, and bring you true happiness… and avoid, forget or move on from the ones who do the opposite!


About the author:  My name is Erin Janus.  I’m an aspiring musician, video editor and producer.  Thanks for reading this article and feel free to pass it around.  You can connect with me on facebook, twitter and youtube.  Click here to sign up for my mailing list for more tips for self-improvement.

Original article by Erin Janus.  All rights reserved.

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