Animals Approach This Wildlife Photographer Like He’s Family

Erin Janus | 21-year-old Finland-based photographer and Instagram sensation Konsta Punkka has an extraordinary gift with animals that quite frankly, I am jealous of.  Animals fearlessly approach him, as seen in his close interactions with wildlife which he captures using his iPhone and DSLR.

The self proclaimed “squirrel whisperer” sometimes feeds the animals as he photographs them.  Which is incredible, because I know I could stand in a forest with a cracker in my hands for 3 days and I’m certain that nothing would approach me!  You have a gift, Konsta, you really do.  Check out the enchanting snapshots of woodland creatures that Konsta has captured from an incredibly short distance:

This squirrel is totally admiring Konsta. He calls this shot “in love”.

You can see more of Konsta’s work by following him on Instagram, liking his facebook page, or you can check out more of his work on 500px.

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